About DAMPE Community School

We believe students allowed to express themselves artistically and physically can achieve more academically. Toward that end, we provide professional instruction in creative writing and the visual/performing arts and music–along with physical education and a rigorous academic curriculum.

We partner with you to encourage your child to reach their highest potential.

DAMPE Community School follows and maintains the Quality Standards for Learning set by the state of Ohio (link to standards)

This K-8th community school is for high-energy, super-creative children who need a learning environment with guidance, structure, and support. We provide students at all skill levels the opportunity to participate in the perfoming and visual arts.

At DAMPE, we emphasize…

  • Student Performances

  • Academic Rigor

  • Individualized Learning Plans

  • 1-1 Support & Guidance

  • Project-Based Learning

  • Blended Learning

  • 8th Grade Dual High School Classes

  • Career Pathways

  • World Languages

  • Uniforms for School Attire

Alongside rigorous academics, we provide a variety of programs in Dance, Arts, Music, and Physical Education and we are unique in that

  • we offer an education with a flexibility, which is not possible at most traditional schools.

  • we meet your child where they are and build an individualized program from there.

  • we provide one-on-one support and guidance keep everyone on track, and career pathways set productive and rewarding futures in motion.

Our instructors are professionals, trained to help you and your child design an effective educational journey. Creative and energetic children thrive when they have some choices in their learning plan.

Give your creative child the chance to become his or her best self in an environment designed just for them!

For more details on DAMPE programs visit (link to programs)