DAMPE Programs

Instruction at DAMPE Community School is driven by the needs of each student. Alongside rigorous academics, we provide professional instruction to a wide variety of programs. Learning at their own pace, children are taught the academics required for K-8th grade and high school preparation, while emphasizing the arts.

Each program is tailored to the grade level for every student to soar!

D Dance: hip hop, modern, tap, traditional, old school
A Arts: visual arts, drawing, painting, creative writing, poetry, acting, drama
M Music: instrumental, production, vocal
PE Physical Education: recreation, fitness, individual and team sports
Older grades: basketball, baseball, boxing, weight lifting, gym, racing
Younger grades: stretching, balancing, games.

Give your creative child the chance to become their best self in an environment designed just for them! Together we will create a learning plan tailored to your child’s needs so they can excel!

Student School Supply Lists

• Kindergarten Supply List – Click Here

• 1st Grade Supply List – Click Here

• 2nd Grade Supply List – Click Here

• 3rd & 4th Grade Supply List – Click Here

• 5th Grade Supply List – Click Here

• 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Supply List- Click Here